As much as I don't want to say it, summer is winding down.  The kids are going to be heading back to school in a few weeks but that doesn't mean summer fun has to be over.  Here's a few fun outdoor activities that will keep the kids busy and you might even enjoy them yourself.



Sidewalk Art

Who doesn't love drawing on the sidewalk with chalk?

It's fun and adds splashes of fun, bright colors and it feels more inviting to people.  It never ceases to amaze me the artistic talent some kids have.

I can't draw stick people, let alone create some of the unique stuff they do.

My friend's daughter and I have done this when I've babysat her.  It's so funny because we will be drawing on one part of their sidewalk, she'll look around and tell me we need to draw over here.  Of course, after it rains she will tell me I need to come over and draw with her.



Fly a Kite

You remember doing this as a kid, long before video games and iPads existed.

There was just something so enjoyable about being outside on a sunny, windy summer day. There was such a sense of freedom.

This is an activity that children still enjoy and to spice it up a bit, make your own.  It's a fun and easy project for you and your child.



Build a Sand Castle

The beach --or a sandbox-- is a great place to hang out with your child during the summer, especially on a day as hot as today.

Children enjoy building things, as do many adults.  What better way to play in the sand than to build a sand castle?

I'm not the best at building things and I don't have a whole lot of patience either.  I want to make those huge ones you see on television but that could take days.

There's a sense of true accomplishment and it's something you and your child can work on together.



Catch Fireflies

I haven't seen as many of these this year as I have in the past, but they are so pretty.  I've never been able to catch many but the ones you do get in a jar are so cool to look at.

What a great way to educate your child by taking the time to explain what makes them light up.  When you figure that out, let me know.

I'm not sure how you take care of them, so letting them go may be the best thing once you're done.



Star Gaze

This is such a fun activity no matter what.

There is something so relaxing about scrutinizing the night sky.

What makes it better is there is so much you and your child can discover together.  If you're not familiar with all the different constellations, the two of you can learn where they are with each other.

I remember when I discovered both the Big and Little Dippers.  I was excited and still am when I see them outside at night.


I would have to say my favorite of all these activities would be star gazing.  It's fun, educational and relaxing.  Then again, I like the sun and sand so maybe I should get some patience for a sand castle.  Oh, and I loved flying kites when I was a kid.  Let's be honest, I like them all!