SAUK RAPIDS — Rapids Upholstery in Sauk Rapids is the oldest upholstery shop in central Minnesota. The business first opened in 1918 by a man named Jack Parfitt.

Over the years they’ve repaired everything from helicopter seats to antique furniture.

Berndt bought the business in 1995. He took an interest in upholstery in 1988 when he started an apprenticeship under former owners Jim Herndon and Delorise Herndon.

He’d always wanted to own a business and thought the upholstery shop would be the perfect opportunity. Berndt says the job is pretty dynamic and unpredictable at times.

Rapids Upholstery repairs almost anything that has fabric including automotive repairs and antique furniture.

Berndt says he repaired a rocking chair for a woman a few years ago. The chair belonged to her grandmother. When he finished restoring the piece he called the woman to let her know the chair was done. Berndt says the woman broke down in tears because the rocking chair looked just like it did when her grandmother used to sit on it.

When an item comes in for repair it typically gets torn down to its basic structure. It’s a form of recycling that’s been around for many generations.