Well, it was another great week for stupidity and dumb criminals, here's some of my favorites from the week!

Burglars Caught When Their Getaway Donkey Made Too Much Noise!

Three Colombian thieves look like jackasses after they robbed a shop in the middle of the night.  Apparently their getaway donkey wouldn't stop heeeee-haaaawing and it alerted the neighbors show called the cops.  They tried to run but were soon caught afterwards.

Riding Off The Rails Of A Crazy Train

I'm not sure how you actually steal a train let alone crash it into a house, but this woman from Sweden managed to do both.  There's no motive why the 20 year old cleaning lady stole the train, but according to a spokesperson from the Stockholm Public Transport, she drove the train at a high speed over the end of the rails and ended up crashing into a house.

Hello 9-1-1?  Yes, I'm A Moron Come Arrest Me!

If you are pawning off salt crystals as meth and selling it you can probably expect to have some angry customers.  A woman from Centralia, Washington did exactly that and guess what?  Yeah, she had a few folks who wanted some words with her.  So the logical thing to do is call 9-1-1 of course... which is what she did.  She may have lived another day but she's now facing several charges.  Perhaps officer Corey Butcher said it best,  "It's hard to put into words the level of intelligence that goes along with this. No brains at all."  (CBS)

I'm SO Hungry I Could Eat A Thumb!

Earlier this week a Florida couple were having a "dispute" on their way to Taco Bell.  Somehow, while they were driving, the man bit off his girlfriends thumb.  According to authorities, she pushed his head and he bit her thumb.  According to a report from WESH they were not able to reattach the thumb.  The man faces aggravated battery charges.

Man Smashes Ashes Over Another Man's Head

From the UPI, a couple Lorain, Ohio brothers were drinking in the early morning hours and thing went array.  One of the brothers allegedly started breaking items and finally made his way to an Urn and smashed it over his brother's head.  The ruckus caused the authorities to be called.  The man was tasered and faces a litany of charges.