Flipping Off Judge Leads To Judge Flipping Out

If there's one thing a judge hates is being disrespected and lied to.  18-year-old Penelope Soto has learned this the hard way.  She was in court in Miami on charges for illegal possession of an anti-anxiety medication.  The judge was about to let her out on a $5,000 bond when her strange demeanor prompted the judge to raise it to $10,000.  The teen was shocked and showed him the finger and called him a _____ or something to that effect.  He returned with a direct criminal contempt and thirty days in jail.  I wonder if next time she will take things a little more serious.

A New Kind Of Gun Control... Remembering Where You Leave It

A Massachusetts police officer has been suspended after leaving his gun in a courthouse bathroom, the Boston Herald reports.   Capt. John Rogers Jr. left behind his department-issued .357 revolver on Jan. 28, and it was discovered by police two days later.  WHY he didn't report it missing or notice it was gone I have no idea.   Rogers will lose his position in internal affairs, 30 days pay and be retained in the proper handling of weapons.  (FOX)

Girl Tries To Make A Fashion Statement Out Of Ankle Monitor.

In England, a 22-year-old was just fined . . . for BEDAZZLING her police ankle monitor. She got the monitoring bracelet after she was convicted for brawling outside of a club and decided to cover it with fake diamonds. She got a $220 fine for tampering with the ankle monitor.  Who knows, maybe this would catch on... or maybe the state could make more money by offering a special line of ankle bracelets! (Daily Mail)

 Flare Gun Lights Up A Florida Man's Life... and Groin

Maybe we need to include flares under the gun control laws.  A Florida man was messing around with his flare gun.  Apparently he had forgotten he loaded the thing.  He decided to shoot it at the ground (even though he claims he forgot it was loaded).  Well, it ricocheted off the ground and came back to hit him in the groin.  Sounds funny right?  Well, he had multiple burns and lacerations to his 'groin region'.  I hope his insurance has 'stupidity' covered.

Putting The Gross In Misdemeanor!

An Austin, Minnesota man was charged for felony assault after he kicked his brother in the head for 'passing gas'.   Police arrested Hector Alonzo Estrada, 33, at a McDonald’s in Austin shortly after they received the call. Estrada’s brother said he kicked him in the head and left through a back door. Past acts warrant the felony charge. Estrada was convicted of gross misdemeanor assault and interfering with a 911 call last May. He now has a hearing for violating a no contact order, too. Estrada claims he did not assault his brother, and that his brother only fell, according to the court complaint.