I could choose to keep my mouth shut and not share this, but I feel that I have a duty to share this with you. Just because you are a guy, you can't use the "I forgot" excuse when it comes to Valentine's Day - no matter how long you've been together!

Today I walk past my boss's office. While he was away his wife stopped by and brought him a framed picture of their daughter with her to put on his desk, a coffee, a package of chocolates and a couple of other items that she put together to wish him a Happy Valentine's Day. They have been married for about 5 years and in my opinion, this was a very nice gesture on her part.

Now, I'm going to stop right there for a second. We all know that the guy's end of Valentine's Day is ALWAYS bigger than the ladies. It is a holiday wrapped around making the women in our lives happy with gifts and tokens of our affection. It is the one day a year that every guy has to remember and do right or he will pay for it for the next 365 days. Personally I think there should be some equality there on the holiday, but that's just me being a bit selfish and looking for something new and shiny!

Anyway, back to the story. My new boss walks down the hall and asks if I saw what his wife had brought in. I said "yes" and he proceeded to tell me he hadn't gotten her anything for Valentine's Day. No card, no candy, no gift, NOTHING! I said, "Dude, why not?"

He claims he "forgot" that it was Valentine's Day. Can you believe that? He forgot? Seriously? That's when I laid into him and called that a BS excuse. We work in radio, we've been reminding people for a week that today was coming. We have been posting stories on our websites about Valentine's Day for over a week. There is NO WAY he could have possibly forgotten.

In fact, I would have to go so far as to say that unless you are living in a cave in Afghanistan, you should know that today is Valentine's Day. No guy should be able to get out of this one. We all know how important it is to the one we love, we all know we have to save every penny from Christmas until now to get the gift she will love and we all know that if we screw it up, we are going to pay for it. We can't wait until the last minute to go out and buy some cheap garbage that is left on the shelf at the drug store and expect that to go over with our honey.

My boss's wife just stopped by and the boss came clean to her that he "forgot" about today. I tried to get her to open up about how she felt. She didn't really want to say she was disappointed that the love of her life "forgot" to get her something, but you could tell she was a bit upset.

The point here guys is that there are 3 days a year that you can't forget. Valentine's Day, her birthday and your anniversary. You can wiggle out of any of the other ones, but those three days are the most important.

Now ladies, I'm going to speak to you for a second. STOP making it so hard on the guys. We can't read your mind, nor are we going to try to. If there is something you want from your guy, you have to tell him flat out. You can't leave hints because we won't pick up on them. You have to flat out write it on the piece of paper, print out the product and where he can buy it and give it to him over breakfast, pin it to his shirt or email it to him constantly so he will remember to buy that for you. Otherwise you will probably get the drugstore box of chocolate ON Valentine's Day because he "forgot" again.

Time to sound off.

Ladies, I want to know the worst Valentine's Day gift you got. Maybe it was this year, maybe it was in previous years.

Guys, what was the last minute gift you bought your girl? This year or previous years.