When I heard Twinkies were going away last fall, it didn't bother me too much because I was never a fan of them.  I am addicted to chocolate so the Ding Dongs and Cupcakes were more my thing.

I had to venture to my least favorite store on the planet (it shall remain nameless for now) and I noticed they were putting up a display of Twinkies.  Yeah, I could easily pass those by but then I saw they also had Cupcakes as well.  I haven't had them in quite a while but  I thought, "I have to give these a whirl."

So, I bought a package of them and tried them out.  The first thing I noticed is they are smaller.  There isn't a significant size difference but it is there.  The taste is also different.  I remember them being dry with very little taste.  These appear to be much fresher but I prefer to make my own cupcakes.

The last thing, and this may have always been the case, is the fact that these things are good for over a month.  It makes one wonder what they put in there to keep them good for that long...then again, I probably don't want to know.