We are just one week into November and I heard something earlier today that just made me angry. It was the most shocking thing I have heard all year.It was Christmas music! I know we are less that 2 months away from Christmas, but our Thanksgiving bird is still roaming around the turkey lot! Our cranberries haven't even been picked for our sauce, our potatoes are still in the ground and we still have all that candy left from Halloween!

I walked into the mall earlier today to pick up something quick. As I approached the doors to go in I heard a Christmas song blaring over the speakers. I go inside and it is blaring on the speakers inside the mall too! I thought I was dreaming at first, but no, the mall is starting their Christmas season already!

I calmed down a bit and thought, you know, the retailers have to get a jump on the season and I'm sure there are SOME people out already shopping for the big day. So I took a breath, picked up my item and left. I did a quick search when I got back to the office and I find out that SANTA is already at Mall of America! COME ON!

Ok, Christmas music on November 8 is one thing, but Santa arriving that day is just WAY too much to handle! The last time I checked, we should be thanking our Veteran's right now rather than sitting on old St. Nick's lap!