While she didn't stay the whole time, Intern Jenn did brave the lousy weather at Winstock for the most part this year. Here are a few tips she has for next year!

I have been going to  Winstock for about 5 years now.  Over the years I've caught on to how make Winstock a more enjoyable time. This year made me realize that there are many do's and dont's while being at the festival.


1. The most important thing on the list:  Don't forget your AWESOME 98 Country apparel!

Jenn Studer




3. Don't forget to visit with the happy staff!

Jenn Studer


4. Do try to get a camper to stay in. If you don't have one, make sure you have a friend with one. Tents don't last in this kind of weather!


5. Don't forget sunscreen! Just in case the sun decides to shine.


6. Do bring a chair or two, in case one breaks. Or gets soggy.


7. Don't let the rain stop you!


8. They play when you stay! Everyone else cancelled on Saturday because of downpours. But Toby Keith took the stage late that night.

Jenn Studer