Work can be crazy and it's easy to get consumed by the stress, thus making people forget about all the reasons they're thankful to work where they do.  Today I'm taking a moment to reflect on the things I appreciate at work.

Upon my reflection I came up with five things that I'm grateful for at work:



Christopher Polk, Getty Images

The Music

I'm so glad that I get to work for a station where I love the music. It would probably kill me if I worked full time for a station that played Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber all the time!  At the very least, it would drive me insane and I don't think they'd let me do my show anymore.



Katie Kartak


Let's get real here, I have a pretty sweet job. I get paid to surf the internet and write about the cool things I find. I know, you're jealous.



Katie Kartak

A Vending Machine That Dispenses Mountain Dew

Some people go for coffee and sugar, I go for the Dew!  I mean it pretty much gives me all the wake me up energy I need.  Sadly, it doesn't last all day long, which is why I need lots of $1 bills to hit up the machine a few times.



Katie Kartak

Quirky Co-Workers

You know it's been a good day when you can't stop smiling and/or laughing. That's usually what happens around here on a daily basis. I also have to include the listeners in on this one -- you crack me up!



Katie Kartak

The On Air Light

This, my friends, is gold. It works just like a Do Not Disturb sign on hotel room door!  If I leave this on all day long, I'm guaranteed no one is going to disturb me and it totally looks like I'm working, even if I'm...oh wait, I'm always working!



What are you thankful for?