There are only about four shopping days until Christmas-- unless you count Christmas Eve, which is a Saturday this year. I am counting Friday as the last real shopping day. If you are like me you have a lot to get done before the weekend rolls around! Here are some last minute shopping tips and tricks.

1. Sign up for Amazon Prime: For $10.99 you can get free 2-Day shipping on most stuff on Plus you can cancel it right after the holidays! For $11 you can guarantee the presents get there before Santa does!

2. Make a list and check it twice: I am super guilty of going into target to shop for my family and friend with no real game plan. Make a list of exactly who you need to shop for. It also helps to have a set dollar amount in mind of what you will spend on each person!

3. When in doubt, gift card: Got a tough person on your list? The person who has everything, the picky one, that weird second cousin you only see on Christmas..... Just get them a Visa gift card in a cute box. It says, "you're impossible and I tried".

4. Events are great: No time to actually go shopping? Postpone the gift! Get the person concert tickets or event tickets of any sort. This is a easy gift to get online and you can spend quality time with the person after the rush of the holidays is over!

5. Pre-made Gift Baskets: Stores have these all over this time of year. Box sets or gift baskets are great last minute gifts. Find the persons favorite flavor or scent and quick pop into any store and grab that box set! Easy, affordable, and like Snickers, guaranteed to satisfy!

What are your last minute shopping "hacks"? Share them in the comments! And happy shopping!

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