It's gonna be a warm one this weekend at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. But that won't stop the thousands of folks heading to Shakopee to go back in time at the RenFest.

It's Pet Fest Weekend at Fest, with all sorts of things for you and your dog to do. (Your dog has to be registered with the Festival before gaining access to the realm. Make sure you fill-out an application if you plan to bring Sparky with you.)

Why go to RenFest? Here are my Top 5 reasons:



Belly Dancers


Alaskan Dude, Flickr


Hot days, pretty women and a funky beat all add up to great eye candy at Fest. Add some colorful costumes and you have one show that's tough to beat -- the Caravan Belly Dance Troupe on the Gypsy Stage.



Turkey Legs


WayTru, Flickr

Nothing is more primal than gnawing on a big ol' turkey leg at Fest. The original food on a stick.



Regimental Air Conditioning


ilovememphis, Flickr


For the lads who enjoy the social acceptability of going commando regimental, a warm weekend is a great time to go the whole nine yards. There will be plenty of playtrons decked-out in their Scottish best this weekend. After all, the kilt is nature's air conditioner, right? The lasses don't seem to mind the whole "men in skirts" thing, either.





baka_san, Flickr


The honey wine "mead" is literally nectar from the gods. Fill up your tankard with mead and you're set to venture forth on your quest back through time. Unfortunately after a few more tankards, I'm done with questing and onto pickles and Scotch eggs.





Alaskan Dude, Flickr


When the temperature goes up, the clothes come off. So, even though temps will be in the high 80s and low 90s, you know it'll be well worth it. Huzzah and pass the sunscreen!