It's going to be pretty hot out there today, but here are some good tips for staying cool!



Fill a Kiddie Poll With Ice


VibeImages, Thinkstock


You'll want to do this quickly if you're planning on sitting in the ice but you'll stay just as cool in ice water! Sounds a pretty amazing!



Chew Minty Gum and Drink Cold Water




I'm not sure how well this cools you down but it gives me a pretty good head rush every time I do it!



Hose Down Your Beach Towel


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Before you spread your towel out on your lounge chair, hose it down. That should keep you cool for a little while!



Wear a Hat and Keep Ice Cubes in it


ValentynVolkov, Thinkstock


I'm not sure I would do this but apparently it works, so why not?



Intern for the Ice Cream Truck Driver or the Schwan's Man


Michael Buckner, Getty Images


I don't see where you can go wrong with this one -- they're going to need help with their customers and you get to hang in a cool truck. I'm betting if you play your cards right, this could turn in to a paid internship with ice cream rewards! Sign me up!



How are you going to stay cool today?