Simon Cowell's X-Factor hits Fox Wednesday, September 21st and Two and a Half Men launched last night but my weakness in TV is the crime and medical dramas. There are lots of them out this year that look really good, plus a few favorites of mine that return this season.

I am already thankful for shorter days and a great invention called "The DVR". I tell you, there's so many shows hitting the tube this Fall that I'm going to have to dedicate my Sunday afternoons to getting caught up on all the shows from the week.

This is the list of my Top 10 drama shows that will be recording on my DVR this fall.  

  • 10


    CSI returns to CBS on Wednesday, September 21 with a new cast member. Ted Danson joins the cast to lead the Las Vegas team. While this is one of my least favorite CSI's, it is still enjoyable and it will be interesting to see Ted Danson in a role like this.

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    CSI: New York

    Mac is back beginning Friday, September 23 on CBS. Last season was good, but I feel there needs to be something to re-spark it. While I enjoy watching it, I feel it is getting a little dusty. The trailer promises that this season will change everything. We'll have to wait and see if it is true.

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    CSI: Miami

    Last season we left off with Natalia almost being killed in the trunk of a car and now there's a serial killer on the loose in Miami. Horatio and the crew return to CBS Sunday, September 25. This is definitely my favorite of the CSI series. People say that the writing in CSI is too corny for them to watch, especially some of the lines that Horatio has in the show. While I agree with that, it does make me chuckle when H says something completely ridiculous!

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    At the end of the last season, House drives a car into Cuddy's house because she dumped him. House is now a wreck and this season he has to live with the punishment for his actions. House premieres on Fox Monday, October 3.

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    Law & Order SVU

    Stabler is gone and now Benson has a new partner for season 13 that starts Wednesday, September 21 on NBC. This is the last remaining Law & Order on television after regular L&O was cancelled and Criminal Intent was sent off to USA and later cancelled. I sure hope Olivia and company can hold it together for a season 14.

  • 5


    This is a brand new show on CBS beginning Tuesday, September 20th. Poppy Montgomery (Without A Trace) stars as a former police detective who has the ability to remember every single thing that has ever happened. In real life, there are only about 3 people that have this gift - or curse. I'm intrigued by this show only because it is Poppy and it is an interesting take on police investigation. I mean, how do you beat the human video recorder?

  • 4

    Person Of Interest

    The new series from J.J. Abrams (Lost) launches Thursday, September 22nd on CBS. I really enjoy J.J.'s work and this one looks promising. Michael Emerson and Jim Caviezel work together to prevent crimes before they even happen. It does sound a little like Minority Report, but I'm still going to check it out.

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    Prime Suspect

    Maria Bello stars in a remake of a 1990s UK series and brings it to life Thursday, September 22nd on NBC. This is another NYPD crime show, but I have a feeling I will enjoy it just because Det. Jane Timoney has a bit of a bad attitude. That always makes me take a second glance at a show.

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    A Gifted Man

    This is a new medical drama heading to CBS on Friday, September 23. Normally the Friday nights have been a dumping ground for shows the network doesn't feel will stand water. Patrick Wilson stars as a surgeon who can see his ex-wife, even though she's dead. A little Sixth Sense meets House - or just House on really good meds.

  • 1

    Terra Nova

    Monday, September 26th will launch a new Sci-Fi show on Fox that I find quite interesting. This is one that I think I will really get into, but has the feeling of Lost from the trailer. A bit confusing, probably will have lots of flash backs and I'm sure if you miss one episode, you'll be lost. Terra Nova is the place people on Earth in 2149 is sent to help save the world. The problem is, it's 85 million years in the past. Jurassic Park meets Stargate, but worth checking out.