It happens every fall. I get involved in one or more new shows only to have them cancelled midway through the season. I'm still mad about "Dirty, Sexy Money" given the ax. That was a great show! Here are the ones we're losing this far.


Canceled: "Lucky 7" - yep, I liked this one. And "Back in the Game"


Canceled: "We Are Men" - I watched a couple of episodes and while I wanted to like this one, I was bored.

The CW

Canceled: Nothing yet


Canceled: Nothing yet, and I was happy to see "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" get picked up for a full season. Funny stuff.


Canceled: "Ironside" and  "Welcome to the Family"

Thrilled that "The Blacklist" has been given a full season order. Best new drama/thriller by far!

There are several more shows that are on the edge. We'll have to wait and see which ones make it.