Experts from several Minnesota agencies are warning anglers wanting to get an early start on this year's ice fishing action that they are taking an unreasonable risk heading out on Minnesota lakes. "Ice conditions are unfavorable compared to an average early November."

Data gathered from Central Minnesota lakes this week suggests that taking vehicles or fish houses out on area lakes is a serious disregard of personal safety.

Bob Vious from the MNWTF suggests, "Conditions are just not safe to bring shelters and vehicles out on to Minnesota lakes at this time." Vious went on to say that, "If you're hell-bent on the taste of fresh Walleye or Pike -- you should have planned ahead better this summer."

Minnesota counties shaded in green below are now safe for ice fishing.

Be MN-Safe. Stay off the ice. Tune in next week for the best tanning techniques during a tropical November in Minnesota in our new feature, 'Fry a Turkey, Tan a Swede.'