It happens every summer. Minnesota Vikings training camp starts, and my purple blood starts flowing with optimistic anticipation. Camp starts this year in Mankato on July 24th. Last season was painful. This season is an unknown, but at least the team made some off-season moves that I can be excited about (not that it takes much). Skol!

Sure, Christian Ponder is still on the team (which blows my mind, but I just assume they see something I NEVER have), but there's a new coach. Mike Zimmer will give everything a different look, feel, and direction (and focus on defense).

Having Teddy Bridgewater in purple is exciting. The guy was tops on my 'wish' list for the Vikings. Will he be a star, or even a star-ter? Who knows, but the guy has a ton of dynamic, talented potential. Time will tell, but I'm glad we went out and got him.

Lots of other great additions too. I have a six-day memory during the season, so even when they stink one week, I'm usually ready for Sunday again. Overly optimistic? Yep, but that's how I roll.

I made trip down to Mankato last year, will probably do it again this summer. It's cool if you've never been.

Skol Vikings!