You know the type. Goofy, fun, a little crazy, and the kind of guy you want to hang around on football day. That's my Uncle Jerry. Maybe you have one too?

I came across this picture of Jerry today and I started thinking about how lucky I am to have such a fun family. Jerry isn't the only really cool uncle that I have, but he's the only one who dressed from head to toe in Minnesota Vikings gear for this picture. And he would do it again if the situation called for it.

I'm not sure if we could talk Jerry into dressing head to toe in another teams colors though. For instance, the Philadelphia Eagles play the Vikings on December 15th. My Jay is a huge Eagles fan, and obviously Jerry is a huge Vikings fan. I think the guys should have a bet going where the one who loses has to dress in the other teams colors the following Sunday. And take pictures that I would then post on Facebook for all the world to see.

It might not seem drastic to you, but to a true blue fan, it could be just humiliating enough to make it fun for the rest of us. I'll throw it out there and see if the guys are willing to play along. If so, watch for an update after the game in December. Go Vikings!