Fountain Valley, California resident Jan Stewart put up an incredible display of 56,000 Christmas lights on her home last year. The video went viral on YouTube racking up about a half a million views, so naturally, this year Jan went even bigger with her lights display, and it's costing her a pretty penny. Lucky for us, it's free to watch so check it out!

This year Jan added 10,000 LED lights to her home, a few lasers and even a fog machine. But this incredible display has come with a price, it's costing Jan $50,000 and it took her a month to put it all together.

Not only is she paying for her lights literally, but she is also catching some flack from her neighbors. “It’s more appropriate for the Las Vegas Strip. It’s not that we’re opposed to Christmas, it’s just too much,” said one of Jan's neighbors Joe Flannigan. Due to its growing popularity the display has caused a lot of extra traffic through the neighborhood, and I can't even imagine how annoying all those flashing lights must be.

Jan even received a fine from the city because the music that accompanies her display was too loud, which she has since turned down.

The first video below is Jan's display this year, below that is the one from 2011. What would you do if this was your neighbor? Would you be OK with it, or would it drive you crazy?