The weather today through Wednesday will continue to be the warmest to hit Central Minnesota since 1981. (I was in 8th grade & Ashli would be born 10½ years later). Some records gonna fall. Some ice gonna melt. Some faces gonna get sunburned. Enjoy!

National Weather Service

Two local ice fishing contests have already been cancelled (Big Lake and Kraemer Lake), but 'Ski with 98.1' is still set to go on Sunday at Powder Ridge. We'll see you for Bloody Marys at 9:00.

If we hit 60˚ at any point during this stretch (and it will be close), it'll be the first time it's happened in St. Cloud since weather data started being kept track of back in 1894.

National Weather Service

From the National Weather Service: Dry conditions will continue through Sunday, but chances for showers & thunderstorms return on Monday. The unseasonably warm weather sticks around through most of next week.

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