Don't get me wrong, my co-workers are great, but sometimes they drive me so NUTS. Especially one in particular, Jesse from our sister station REV 96.7, he likes to act like a funny guy and give people a hard time. Jokes on him today.

Jesse always gives me a hard time, all in good fun of course, but today was his day to be the pawn in this game. I decided to just do small things that I know would get him all worked up.

Each time he would ask me a question I would simply respond in the most SARCASTIC way possible... saying omethings as small as "is that right" with a sarcastic tone can gets Jesse all worked up, so I put sarcasm into full force earlier today and drove him to the point of silence.

That wasn't good enough, I had to really give Jesse a hard time today.

I know on Friday's he has a couple back packs, some bags and some other stuff from work he takes home for the weekend... the point, his hands a VERY full when he leaves on Friday and today was no exception.

So after the point of awkward, funny silence when we would pass each in the halls at work, I decided I needed to do something to put him over the edge. Keep in mind all the bags and work stuff he takes home on the weekend.

I had to run out to my car and noticed Jesse backed his truck in. OPPORTUNITY WAS KNOCKING!

That's when I moved my car and backed in as tightly as possible next to his truck. When he saw what I did, yeah, he had a few choice words for me and a good laugh.

The greatest part about the prank, watching him crawl in the drivers seat from the passenger side without spilling his drink.