Remember when you were a kid how much fun it was to run around on a playground? Unfortunately as an adult, that kind of care-free fun just doesn't come around very often - until now!

Drive-a-Tank is a business located in Kasota, Minnesota and if you ask me, this sounds way cooler than fending off the dirty looks while waiting in line for the slide at the park.

Drive-a-Tank offers the public a chance to drive military tanks and armored vehicles around a 20-acre limestone quarry. You can even shoot machine guns, run over a car, or drive the tank through a trailer house! See I told you this would be fun!

Tony Borglum is the owner of the business, which he opened three years ago, and I'm going to go out on a limb here and call him a genius. Now unlike a park playground, this adult activity isn't free, but really, who cares?! You get to run stuff over and shoot machine guns!

The basic package, which includes driving one of the armored vehicles and shooting a machine gun, will cost you $399. If you want to drive over a car the cost is an additional $549, and for $3,500 you can plow your tank right through a trailer house.

Small price to pay to blow off some steam and have a ton of fun if you ask me!