My experiences with Wedding Toasts are a little like a Clint Eastwood movie, I've see the "good" the "bad" and the "ugly".  I used to be a Wedding Dance DJ so I've seen my fair share whether I wanted to or not.  I found this article from about making the Wedding Toast and for the most part I agree, but I had to add a little bit to the list.

#1.)  Be Prepared, and Be Concise.  You should probably practice your speech a little bit, don't let alcohol do the talking for you, I guarantee that little shot of bravery won't help your memory.  Don't make the speech too long either, people are there to see YOU or hear your witty comments.

#2.)  Be an Authority on the Subject.  Meaning, you should come across like an expert on the person or the couple . that you're talking about.  If you don't, people will start wondering why you're the one giving the speech in the first place.  Make SURE you have your facts strait or  you'll come off looking like a boob.

#3.)  Play to Your Audience.  Which means, don't necessarily tell the BEST story you have in your arsenal, or the most embarrassing.  Talk about something the whole group might connect with, not some inside joke that only a few friends will get.  I've heard so many people do the clever inside joke thing, it's NOT funny to 99 percent of the audience and makes for an uncomfortable moment.

#4.)  NO SWEARING… Yes, I’ve been to a wedding where it happened... in fact I've heard it happen a few times.  Even if you got married by a justice of the peace in the back of a barn doesn't mean you should be dropping cuss words, have a little respect.