I still like to put down a couple cold cans now and then... mostly now, but with getting married next year I'm sure somethings will take a dramatic turn and some perks that I have enjoyed for most of my life will begin to fade away.

Some perks of being single that I'm going to miss are;

1. Taking five seconds between the impulse to leave the house and actually leaving, not the 20 minutes it takes in a relationship.

2. Only have to go to ONE family's worth of events for the holidays.

3. Only I decide what you do with your money.

4. Sleeping in the middle of the bed, with your limbs spread out however you want.

5. Using the bathroom with the door open.

6. I could make decisions without it affecting another person.

7. Keg stands will probably have to come to an end, except for "guy's night out" once every six-months.

Looking through this list, I'm not going to miss to many of them, really... probably just the doing keg stands and then going to the bathroom with door open.

Are there any "perks" that you miss now that you have found yourself married or in a committed relationship?