Regardless what you think of professional wrestling, it's never funny when one of them dies at an early age, and it seems like it's happening more and more often.

What was funny was the character of "Doink" the clown who came into the scene in the early 90's.  The man who played doink was Matt Osborne, who wore the face paint and clown outfit that people absolutely

The officers in Plano said Matt Osborne, 55, better known as the original ‘Doink The Clown,’ died at a local hospital on Friday.

The celebrated pro wrestler was transported there after his girlfriend found him unresponsive inside their apartment.  Read the Full Story here.

"Doink" was originally a "heel", a wrestling term for a bad guy.  He played the old school pranks on other wrestlers and fans.  The kids were scared of him, and with good reason, he was the creepy weird clown that we all had nightmares about.  It was a brilliant marketing move for the WWF and eventually they HAD to make him a "good guy" just because of his intense popularity.

Osborne joins a long list of wrestlers who have died to early like "Macho Man" Randy Savage, "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig, Rick Rude, Owen Hart and many many more.  Some have been accidents but many are due to strange health issues, similar to Osborne, they are still looking into his death and wondering what killed the 55 year old.

Doink's first visit to the WWF.

Doink visits Jerry Lawler in the "King's Court".