Well, Cindy and I weighed in for our third week of "Dog Pounds" where we are raising money for the Tri-County Humane Society, and let's just say it was so-so.
It was the first week that I didn't actually lose any weight.  I'm not shocked considering I was out most of the day with a fever yesterday and I've missed a couple workouts.  But these things happen when dieting and the key is to get back in it as fast as possible before I lose any more ground.

So as it stands we're still at 9 pounds total loss as we head into the Fourth Of July weekend, where there's parties and vacation time.  It's the Holidays that are always the hardest part in any diet just because we get off our routine and it's harder to control everything.

But Cindy and I are determined to keep moving forward and lose these pounds and we would love to see you help out by donating per pound at our "Dog Pounds" page.