The Fourth is past and so are the holiday meals and snacks, so after a couple weeks of staying the same, I finally dropped a pound for "Dog Pounds".It was a struggle over the Fourth, we visited family like everyone else and had the big barbeque.  I didn't gorge myself at least.  The wife and I also went out to eat a few times too.  I've gotten better about ordering less and more healthy items.

We've gotten back on track with the Max T3 program too, which is under the Maximized Living Plan.  We're under the guidance of Dr. Evan Eigen at Legacy Family Chiropractic.  It's a high-intensity fast workout that really gets the heart going.  It increases your metabolism to keep your body burning fat even when you're just sitting around.

If you'd like to help out the animals and keep us motivated, please donate to "Dog Pounds".