Well, it's the second week of our "Dog Pounds" promotion to lose weight and raise money for the Tri-County Humane Society.

I had a great week this week as far as exercise and eating goes.  My wife Silke and I went out and rode the Wobegon Trail at St. Joseph's.  We did about 8 miles, then we went for a hike around the St John's campus, that was a few miles too.

We normally take the weekend off from out Max T3 program from Maximized Living.  That's more of a surge program that get's your heart racing with short rest and maximum effort.

I was pretty happy about the 2 pounds, although it's the same amount I lost the week before when I thought I had a bad week with eating, go figure!  But in all honesty, if I'm losing 2 pounds a week that's pretty amazing, at some point it's going to taper off I'm sure.