I originally wrote this over a year ago when people didn't know his name. After last night at the CMA's, everyone knows his name:

Chris has worked with everyone from George Strait to Miranda Lambert to Don Williams. The list of credits is long. But while he writes,composes and provides background for others, he is crazy talented and I predict it won't be long before the spotlight shines even brighter in his corner.

I had a chance to meet Chris briefly several years ago. Billy Ray Cyrus had asked him to play guitar for an appearance in New York City, and they made a few stops along the way, including the radio station where I was working at the time. While Billy Ray was chatting it up in the studio, I walked into the conference room to see if the guy sitting in there needed anything. Coffee? Water?

That was Chris. I found out two things about him that day. He lives in Nashville and he writes songs. So I asked him a crazy question. "Okay, this is silly, but I only know one person who lives in Nashville, so of course, you must know him too, right?"  Haha--funny. "His name is Mike Sistad and I haven't seen him in years."

Chris smiled, pulled out his phone and said, "Let's give Mike a call."  Huh?

Turns out Mike and Chris are great friends. Now who's crazy?

So we called Mike, and it was only when I was on the phone with him that I found out what an incredibly talented guy this Chris character really was.

So if you happen to meet Chris walking down the street, in a conference room, or at a concert, don't let the quiet, humble, regular dude attitude fool you. Sure, that's who he might be, but there's some genius going on inside that will make you stop and listen.

I've followed his career since then, and I'm guessing now that you've met Chris, so will you.

Yep, he co-wrote this song too: