Do you believe in ghosts? I do! But I prefer to call them spirits. And I'm not alone. A new survey asked people if they believe in ghosts and many of us do!

57% of Americans say they believe in ghosts. Only 21% say there are absolutely no ghosts. The rest aren't sure.

If you could be haunted by any ghost, who would it be? The first pick on the survey was Abraham Lincoln. Marilyn Monroe came in second.  I think Lincoln is a good choice, but of course my pick would be John Denver. Pretty sure he has come around a couple of times already.

And if you could come back to visit someone after you die? 28% of us would visit family members, to make sure they're doing okay. 22% would haunt an ex.  I think that's funny, but way too much wasted energy, in my opinion. Pete says he would come back to haunt me. I don't doubt that for a second. He doesn't scare me now though, so if that's his goal, he's going to have to work pretty hard at it. I'll be ready for him.