Following the firing of University of Minnesota Athletic Director Norwood Teague in early August, Associate AD Beth Goetz was named interim AD -- then on May 11th, Syracuse AD Mark Coyle was named as the new U of M Athletic Director. Welcome aboard Mr. Coyle, here's what's waiting for your lap).

Now before we get too deep, I'm actually a U of M alum, a Gopher at heart -- transplanted to St. Cloud; and although I still painfully love Gopher football (#HowsThatWorkingForYa), I have transitioned to a full-blooded Husky fan. When it comes to hockey -- I'm 100% behind the St. Cloud boys.

Here's what incoming Minnesota AD Mark Coyle inherits:

  • The Men's Basketball program is a mess. Arrests, sexual assault allegations, naughty videos, and horrendous performance. (Did MN finish last or next to last?)
  • The Football Program is trying to steer its way out of the Jerry Kill resignation. Future of the program TBA -- still anything but certain (I bought tickets today for home games against Oregon State & Iowa).
  • The Wrestling Program is the latest in the headlines with alleged selling of Xanax by wrestlers and the coaching staff. Ok, what? U of M police & the University are investigating.
  • Gender Equity is still an ongoing issue. To be fair, it is at a lot of schools -- but that doesn't reflect on whether or not it's a violation.

The list does go on, but the bottom line is that there are systemic problems at The U. Is it the President, the Athletic Director, or other? It is messed up, and something that needs a major fix. The U has put it's eggs in the Mark Coyle basket. Let's hope that's a nice, cushioned basket.