It's Labor Day Weekend. The last unofficial weekend of summer. A weekend we all get together with friends and family, have fun, cook out and enjoy one last weekend together before the kids head back to school on Tuesday.

Your backyard BBQ could go one of two ways. Great or the worst disaster ever. Here are a few rules that if you follow, you'll have a great backyard BBQ that will end your summer on a high note!

  • No Drama

    Your BBQ should be about fun! Not arguments, fighting or whining! Make sure you have invited people that get along and that enjoy being with each other. Not only will it make your guests more comfortable, you'll be able to relax too! You won't have to worry about your buddy making an idiot out of himself when he has one too many and punching out on of your guests!

    Orange Steeler, Flickr
  • Serve Beer

    It's quite simple, beer is best at a BBQ. Sure wine and liquor is great, but beer is easy and cheaper. If you only offer beer, it makes it easier on you. Think about it, you've got a grill to worry about, not making some cocktail for a guest that isn't really sure what is in it. Stick to beer and tell your guests if they want to bring something else, they are welcome to do that!

    Green colander, Flickr
  • Serve A Meat Only Menu

    Chances are that if you have friends that aren't into meat, they probably aren't invited to your backyard BBQ OR they already know that they need to bring their own food. Load up the grill with tons of meat and dare anyone to complain! Just make sure you have a great variety - brats, burgers, chops, maybe some steak if you want to go upscale.

    torrez, Flickr
  • Don't Allow Backseat Grillers

    This is your party and your grill. You shouldn't have to worry about someone sneaking in and trying to take over for you. If you already know there's someone like that coming to the party, maybe make them the grill master and take the day off. If not, always tell them you have it under control and to just relax and enjoy the day off.

    B Rosen, Flickr
  • Turn Up The Radio

    Every party must have great music. I suggest you crank up 98.1 FM - 98 Country.

    Jon Olav, Flickr