Every day you can enter to win a prize! We give it away every Monday - Friday at 3:30pm and there's a new prize every day! The trick is, you have to come back and enter each day for that prize!

Entering begins at 3:45pm and runs through Noon the following day for that prize. (Example: for Tuesday's prize, you can start entering at 3:45 on Monday through Noon on Tuesday when registration closes.)

Since we have launched the new site, you will have to create a new account with the 98 Country Club Rewards Program.

-Your old user name and password should be available for use, just re-enter your information.

-Be sure to include all fields - it makes it easier for us to contact you if you win in this or other contests.

-Make sure you tell us you want to receive the weekly newsletter. This includes great news from Nashville, exclusive events - like concert ticket pre-sale codes, new contests and other fun stuff!

-Once you sign up, check out our new prizing system. We will launch all the code words in January so you can start collecting points to redeem for great prizes. Until then, you can play games and answer questions to gain more points and start winning.

-To find out what is coming up that week, go to use points, then click on upcoming. That will give you a look at what to expect the rest of the week.

-Have fun!