Saturday was Gilman's annual Gilman Days Parade and I was fortunate enough to be allowed to co-emcee it. I wasn't sure what to expect, but what I found was a great community event that was fun for the whole family and some entries into the parade that you wouldn't normally see.I was told by someone at Breakfast On The Farm a few weeks back that I HAD to be at Gilman Days for the parade. This lady told me it was unlike any parade I would ever see. I inquired as to what made it so special and she proceeded to tell me about the Gilman Hillbillies, the epic water battle between the Hillbillies and the Fire Department and then told me there would be farm animals marched down the street.

I immediately thought "this is not something you see everyday, I have to be there!" So I contacted the organizers and asked if I could bring Abby, our videographer, with me to capture the highlights of the parade. They said yes and the date was set.

Leading up to it, I kept being told by various people that are familiar with Gilman Days that it is definitely something different and that I "better be careful." At this point, I'm really starting to wonder what I had gotten myself into and was slightly afraid of what I MIGHT see!

As I was setting up for the parade, several local people stopped by to say hello - familiar faces that I have run into in the past. They invited me for sandwiches, burgers and even to sit with them while the parade was going on. - So far, so good.

As the parade began, it was quite normal, the VFW posts leading the parade with the American Flag, followed by the Sheriff's Department, the Mounted Patrol and the Fire Department. Then it started to get a little different.

There was a guy there that had a lawn tractor pulling a train of barrels. This was the Barrel Train. I asked Michelle, my co-emcee, if this was Gilman's form of a carnival ride - she said yes. After a few other entries of things I had never seen passed by, it was time for the Hillbillies and they didn't let anyone down!

At one point a lady came over to me and informed me that I was going to be disappointed with the parade because they "do not have farm animals in the parade." (I had been talking about this on the air leading up to the parade)

The last unit in the parade came through - they had a goat, 2 cows and some chickens ON the float! I KNEW someone would come through in Gilman and they certainly did!

I have to say, I had a great time in Gilman. It was nice meeting everyone that stopped by and I found a great, family festival that celebrates their small town in big ways! I look forward to next year's Gilman Days!