Prior to Season 4 of The Voice, I had never watched it.  I don't typically get in to competition shows but after this season, I think I'm hooked!!

From the moment I heard Danielle Bradbury sing I knew she would do well in the competition.  I just think she is incredible and clearly Blake knew what he was doing when he picked her.

Over the course of the show she had so many wonderful performances.  I might be a little biased because I am a die-hard country fan but I don't think anyone can deny the girl has talent and a lot of it!  Anyway, my favorite performance was when she sang Sara Evans' A Little Bit Stronger.  Blake told her it would be tough but she just nailed it.  Normally, I would be more critical of someone singing one of Sara's songs because I'm a huge fan and there isn't anyone who sings quite like her.

I was rooting for her and I am so excited she won!  I can't wait for her to put out her own music!