Some of Craig Morgan's biggest hits are songs that give a different look at the everyday lives of Americans. Songs like Redneck Yacht Club or International Harvester paint a picture of a common event with a different point of view. His latest single to radio gives a different take to the farming ladies.

The typical farming songs tend to highlight just the men of the farming community. With lyrics like "She thinks my tractor's sexy" or "Tip your hat to the man up on the tractor", you can see that it is rare that the women of farming get any attention.

Craig has shined the spotlight on a particular farming woman. A lady who is smoking hot and loves being out in the middle of her corn field doing what she does best. In his latest song Corn Star, he gives us a new perspective of farming and reminds us that we might be missing something amazing because we don't expect it to be there.

Give Corn Star a listen and then tell us what you think of the song!