A man in Wilmington, North Carolina used to go shopping at Wal-Mart several times a week and every time, he made sure to go through the same woman's checkout line.

Wayne Brandenburg would go shopping at Wal-Mart three or four times a week then in 2005, he noticed a cashier named Susan, and always made sure to go through her line to say hi.

Brandenburg was a widower, and Susan had just gone through a divorce.

Brandenburg eventually gathered the courage to ask Susan out on a date. Susan accepted and the two went to a Chinese buffet along with Susan's two daughters and Wayne's two granddaughters (awkward) BUT the two hit it off and Wayne proposed to Susan in 2006. (Way to NOT rush into the wedding -- seven-year engagement.)

When it did come time to take their vows, they did it right in the Wal-Mart where they first met, in the layaway section. Awwwww...love at first purchase.