Each Wednesday at 8 a.m. I join Cindy and Doug for the Country Classic Flashback.  We take a trip down memory lane to highlight a country legend.  This week we are featuring Tanya Tucker.

Tanya Tucker was born on October 10, 1958 in Seminole, Texas.  She became a star at age 13 with her hit Delta Dawn.  She emerged as one of the most successful and most popular country singers of the contemporary era.

By the time she was thirty-six years old, she had already scored more than fifty charted singles including What's Your Mama's Name in 1973, which was her first number one single.  Her other hit songs include Would You Lay With Me in a Field of Stone, Lizzie and the Rainman, San Antonio Stroll, Here's Some Love, Texas When I Die and many more.

She started drinking in her late teens.  She explained how it all started quoting:

"You send your ass out on the road doing two gigs a night and after all that adoration go back to empty hotel room."

Tanya has never been married but has had a string of relationships with fellow entertainers including actor Don Johnson, pop singer Andy Gibb, Merle Haggard and a stormy relationship with Glen Campbell.

She has three children and three siblings, including a brother, Robert, who died of pneumonia.

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