Each Wednesday at 8 a.m. I join Cindy and Doug for the Country Classic Flashback.  We take a trip down memory lane to highlight a country legend.  This week we are featuring Shelly West.

Shelly was born on  May 23, 1958 in Cleveland, Ohio and is the daughter of the legendary Dottie West. Her first husband, Bill, was a noted steel guitar player.

Shelly was a popular singer of pop-flavored tunes during the 1980’s.  She got her start as a backup singer for her mother when she was 17.  While on tour, Shelly fell in love her mother’s guitarist, Allen Frizzell.  He was the little brother of Lefty and David Frizzell.  The two married and left the band in 1977.

After leaving her mother's band they joined David Frizzell’s band.  David and Shelly recorded You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma.  Clint Eastwood was such a fan of  the song that he added it to his film, 'Any Which Way You Can.'  The song went to #1 in 1981.

Shelly and Allen Frizzell divorced in 1985 but she kept working with David.  In fact she was best known for her duets with him.  She was also a successful solo artist having her own number one hit, Jose Cuervo in 1983.  The two did reunite for a few shows in the late 1980’s.

In 1990, Shelly toured with her mother.  Dottie was involved in a major car accident in late August of 1991 and passed away in September of the same year.  After her mother’s death, Shelly left the music business to raise her family.

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