Each Wednesday at 8 a.m. I join Pete and Cindy for Country Classic Flashback.  We take a trip down memory lane to highlight a country legend.  This week we feature Henson Cargill.

Henson was born February 5, 1941 and is best known for his 1968 number one hit, Skip a Rope.  The ex deputy sheriff  was a fitting choice for the song, which has a provocative message but also successfully fused country and pop music elements.

His family was very active in politics.  He married his high school sweetheart, Marta.  He played the clubs in and around Oklahoma City and Tulsa.  He also worked the late shift as a deputy sheriff.  He then joined the group known as the Kimberley’s doing back up and touring the West and the Pacific Northwest.

After recording Skip a Rope he generated lots of media attention appearing on the Mike Douglas Show and The Tonight show with Johnny Carson.  After Skip a Rope he continued to have top 20 hits with such songs as Row Row Row, None of my Business and many more.

Johnny Cash was the godfather to his eldest son, Cash.  In the late 1980’s he retired to Oklahoma City and married Sharon Simms, his second wife on September 8, 1988.

He passed away March 24, 2007 at age 66 from surgical complications.

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