Every Wednesday we take a trip down memory lane to highlight a classic country artist. This week we're flashing back to the 1980's with Randy Travis.

Randy grew up in Marshville, North Carolina.  His mother worked in a textile factory and his father was the jack of all trades -- horse breeder, turkey farmer, substitute school teacher and business owner.  From an early age, Randy's father encouraged him and his brother to chase their dreams and use their talents.  Randy performed in church and at local clubs with his brother, Ricky.

He was a bit of a rebel, and because of constant fighting with his dad, Randy dropped out of high school.  He caused his share of trouble and became a juvenile delinquent.  He was involved in offenses that included car theft and burglary.  Ricky also spent some time in jail for a high speed car chase.

While he was still in his teens he took off for Charlotte and he ended up getting in trouble again.  He was released to a woman named Lib Hatcher, she was his guardian and would later become his wife.

They moved to Nashville in 1982 and it was a struggle.  Randy was getting rejected by record labels left and right because he was too country.  He got his break in 1985 when he signed with Warner Brothers and in 1986 he scored his first #1 hit, On The Other Hand.

He did well but in 1992 he decided to take a break from music and took some roles in Western films.  He came back in 1994 and has recorded both country and gospel on and off ever since.

The last few years have been tough on Randy to say the least.  He was arrested in February of last year and then again in August of 2012.  He apparently walked in to a convenience store with no clothes and wanted cigarettes.  He left when he realized he didn't have the money to pay for them.  The police were called and they found him lying in the middle of the road.  In January of this year, he plead guilty to the incident.

In July, he was admitted to a Dallas hospital for viral cardiomyopathy which was a result of a respiratory infection.  While in the hospital, he suffered a stroke and had to have surgery to relieve pressure on his brain.  He was released, but he had to undergo extensive physical therapy.  If you can believe the tabloids, he's practically on his deathbed.  At this point, there has been no official update on his health.

Here is the dash cam video from his arrest in February 2012.

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