We all have to deal with difficult people now and then. Sometimes the only thing you can do is shake your head and hope that someday they will understand that you shouldn't sweat the small stuff.

That became even more apparent this morning when I got to work. I didn't encounter any difficult people when I got here (Katie and Doug like to drive me crazy on purpose, but in a GOOD way) but yesterday I did a little head shaking at a few folks who crossed my path.

It was still on my mind today. And then I opened an email from a very dear friend who I have known since kindergarten. Her child is sick. And not in a way that most parents can relate to. This young man has been through more in his 20-something years than most of us could imagine in a lifetime. Today he will endure 10-12 hours of surgery. And his parents will spend the day worrying and praying and hoping for miracles.

An hour later I saw on Facebook that another dear friend lost her father overnight. And she is miles away from her family. My heart ached for her, knowing exactly what that feels like.

So today I will send hope and peace and love and prayers to my friends who are hurting. And I will count my blessings. Too many to know where to begin.

Don't sweat the small stuff today.