Keith Urban is unable to speak right now due to his throat surgery. However, that's not keeping him in bed. Keith has been quite busy over the last couple of weeks and now comes word he's going to pass the time with Brad Paisley.Keith leaked the news last week that he would be one of the judges/coach on Australia's version of The Voice. Today we get word that Keith will be doing a little guitar playing with pal Brad Paisley.

According to CTV, Paisley said, “We’re big guitar junkies, and we wanted to get together and maybe go through some amplifiers and go through some gear. I told him, ‘Let’s do that. You don’t have to talk. We’ll get together. We’ll play guitar, set up some amps, go through some tubes, try some stuff out and tweak.’ I’ll do all the talking, which I am very capable of. He can just nod and grunt and do whatever he’s allowed to do.”

I really hope someone is recording these sessions. Brad and Keith are incredible guitar players and for them to sit down together, play around with some guitars and someone not there to record it would be a shame.