30 years ago today the world lost the king of chicken! Colonel Sanders, past away at the age of 90. Of course we know he started Kentucky Fried Chicken and built it into the chicken empire that it is today. I remember seeing his back story on History Channel once and it was quite interesting how he started out. He was basically selling the cookers for the chicken, not the actual chicken.

For many of us we remember the commercials he starred in through his life. Some of us may even remember his radio commercials. Back in those days we used actual tape instead of the computer technology we have today to produce commercials. Many times it would take several takes of the commercial to make it easier for the editing process. Check out the audio below of Colonel Sanders trying to do one of his commercials.

Inside the audio, notice the producers keep telling him that's he's doing a good job. Good thing I wasn't recording him! Colonel Sanders may have known how to cook a great chicken, but I don't think he would have been a great public speaker!