This morning with "Pete and Cindy In The Morning" we gave you a cold weather statement, and you had to decide if it was Yes or B.S. Here's the truth.

1. Duct taping bubble wrap to your body can help you avoid hypothermia. YES! The guys from "Mythbusters" tested this theory. It works.

2. If your car is front-wheel-drive, you should put sandbags or something heavy in the trunk to get more traction on icy road. B.S. That will only help you if your car is REAR-wheel-drive.

3. If you have frostbite and can't get inside, rub snow on it. B.S. It sounds crazy, and it is. You will make things worse by rubbing snow on frostbitten areas.

4. Cold weather causes colds. B.S. How many times must this be explained? Cold season happens when it's cold outside because we all spend more time inside. More people breathing and sneezing on each other.

5. Smoking a cigarette in cold weather will warm you up because it makes your heart beat faster. B.S. Smoking constricts your blood vessels and slows down circulation, making it more likely to get frostbite.

6. You can escape the cold by joining Pete and Cindy in Mexico next month. YES! Come with us for some fun in the sun. All the details here.