This morning I was here a bit earlier than normal. I was heading to the copy room when I found something that made me laugh - a surprise from the cleaning crew!

Our cleaning lady comes in overnight and takes care of things around here - except pest control obviously. I was headed to the copy room to pick up some things I had printed off when I spotted this garbage can sitting in the middle of the floor.

I thought, "well that's weird. Why is there a trash can upside down in the middle of the floor?" I saw that there was a sign on top of the can and moved in for a closer look.

Now mind you, Lynn was in the building too and saw this and just about freaked out. Someone had trapped a mouse under the garbage can and left it with a note on top. I had to laugh, then asked, WHO would do something like this?

I came back for a closer look and figured out it was our cleaning lady.


Merine had popped this can over the mouse and then alerted everyone to the fact that this can contained a rodent. Instead of scooping it up inside the can and taking it outside, she just left it. I guess that's not part of her cleaning contract or she just hates mice and won't touch anything near it.

I have to give her kudos for trapping the little guy. I give her credit for getting close enough to him to pop the can over him. I even have to smile and say thanks for leaving a note that there is a mouse under the can. I just have to wonder if she knows the morning people around here won't do anything with him either!

Thanks for the early morning laugh Merine! In case you are wondering, the mouse is outside living his life - he just better not come back into the building again! Next time he may not be as lucky.