I was reading an article today about the unofficial desserts of all 50 states.  Oh man, was I hungry after that!

The article is pretty interesting because it gives the dessert and an explanation why it was picked for each state.  Illinois and Michigan both had good chocolate desserts -- brownies and fudge.  You can't go wrong there.  I want to try Wyoming's Cowboy Cookies, which are apparently oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips, pecans and coconut.  Yum!

If you guessed the dessert for Minnesota was 7-Layer Bars, you were right!  No doubt, I've had these many times in my life and they are tasty but I think I like chocolate cake better. Therefore, I'm suggesting we change from bars to chocolate cake as unofficial state dessert.

Thoughts?  I know you have good dessert recipes (no, you don't have to share those!) so what do you think the unofficial state dessert should be for Minnesota?