I remember going down with 98 Country listeners to the Xcel Energy Center for the taping of Rascal Flatts ABC Special. Not only did I have a blast on the trip, we got to preview this song from the new album and Ms. Bedingfield was there to perform with them. The one problem was that they had never performed this song live together and they were ironing out the kinks while taping the show. So they would sing it, then re-do it, then re-do it again and again. I think they took 5 takes before they were happy with the result.

Listening to it that many times kind of wore me out on the song - great song, well sung, but hearing it that many times just burned me on it for a few days. Now I can enjoy it again and seeing it in video form really brings it to life for me.

I think the addition of the soulful voice of Natasha was a great choice for Rascal Flatts - it just brings so much more to the song that wouldn't have been there otherwise.