Your Guide to Area Fish Frys in March
With Lent underway, Central Minnesotans are heading to their favorite fish fry. (Not that we need an excuse to enjoy some tasty fried fish.) Here's a list of some of the most popular in the area.
Sargento Recalls Cheese in Minnesota (and Beyond)
Wisconsin-based Sargento is recalling cheese distributed to Minnesota and across the nation because of a possible Listeria contamination. A supplier to Sargento notified the company that some of it's products may have been contaminated, but no illnesses have been reported at this time. Her…
Euthanizing Drug Found in Dog Food Sold in Minnesota [WATCH]
If you have any cans of this dog food, you need to stop serving it to your dog IMMEDIATELY. It may contain a powerful drug that's used to put dogs down.
The Evanger's brand of dog food "Chunk of Beef Au Jus" has been recalled after many dogs became immediately ill, with on…
Minnesota’s Grossest Food (That We Apparently Love)
The team from Thrillist traveled the country, eating their way across all fifty states searching for the 'grossest food' in each state that its residents actually love. When I saw what they had listed for Minnesota, I gotta admit -- I'd never heard of it.

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