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Keith Urban Ready to Take The Plunge… Again.
Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are planning on renewing their wedding vows to mark their seventh anniversary. Urban, who wants Kidman to realize she is still "the center of his universe", has planned for the vow renewal to take place in
Luke Bryan Heats Up With New “Spring Break” Album.
Luke Bryan loves spring break! Bryan released an EP in 2009 titled "Spring Break With All My Friends". Bryan went on to do three more spring break themed EP's before releasing his first full length spring break album titled "Spring Break...
Track List For Chesney Album ‘Life on a Rock’
Kenny Chesney's new album 'Life on a Rock' hits store shelves April 30th and he just released the track list for the upcoming album. Not only will you find his first single 'Pirate Flag' on there but he also teamed up with Willie Nelson for one of the songs.
Mila Kunis Saves a Reporter From a Dreadful Interview [VIDEO]
And this is reason number 742 Mila Kunis rocks! Seriously, there has to be at least 741 other reasons as to why the beautiful starlet is awesome, right? Anyway, that's besides the point, the point is, Mila saved this poor interviewer from total humiliation by calming his nerves and I think the …
Tim McGraw Has a Secret Son?!
Must be a slow news week for The National Enquirer. Tim McGraw was indeed engaged to a woman named Kristine Donahue before meeting his wife, Faith Hill and now the tabloid is trying their best to reveal that McGraw fathered Donahue's son.
Blake Shelton FORCED To Record Sad Song
Blake Shelton apparently has such a GREAT life that he has to force himself to record "sad songs". When you have Miranda Lambert on one arm and a drink in the other, life could NEVER be that bad!

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