Carrie Underwood put on a fantastic show Saturday September 3rd at the Amphitheater at  Mystic Lake Casino.  When I found out she was coming to Minnesota I didn't think twice before I got my tickets to the show. I had never seen her before and getting to see her perform in a smaller venue was something I didn't want to miss.

Check out my photo gallery from the concert!

I have been to many concerts over the years, and honestly this is one of the best I have ever been to. Not only did she have a great set list of songs, but she interacted with the audience a ton.

After the first couple of songs she started to talk to the crowd and her band began playing the intro to her next song (assuming she wasn't going to say much) and she turned around and said "No, I want to talk, stop playing" which gave everyone a good laugh. She then went on to talk for a good five minutes about everything from growing up, to the story about how she happened to audition for American Idol, and expressed how happy she is to be back out performing. She even chatted with a fan in the front row, he yelled out "My wife thinks your husband is dreamy" she laughed and agreed that she thinks the same of her new hubby Mike Fischer.

The whole show was relaxed and fun. You could tell she was really comfortable there which made for a great performance from start to finish. Speaking of the start, her opening act was Sons of Sylvia and they were also fantastic. The lead singer of the band, Ashley, used to be Carrie's fiddle player before him and his two brothers became her opening act.

When Carrie comes to Minnesota again, I highly recommend you don't miss the show!

Also, I am in love with the boots she was wearing that night! I just thought I would throw that out never know who reads this stuff!